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In the hospital, in the clinic or at home: access to the bloodstream is critical to provide good care

For example, in the Hemodialysis unit, OR and Oncology department: cannulating a blood vessel to obtain vascular access is one of the most often performed medical procedures by doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, it still goes wrong too often, in up to 50% the patients the first attempt fails. This is not only painful for the patient and stressful for the medical professional, but failure can also cause nasty complications such as hematoma and infections. In addition, it can hinder proper treatment.

IVA medical strives to solve this problem. IVA medical stands for ‘Innovating Vascular Access’. We are committed to easy, safe, and successful access to the bloodstream. To achieve this, we develop and select the most innovative products and services to make vascular access safer, faster, and easier to implement. Think of solutions that make cannulation easier, such as the Vascoscope or special plasters that reduce compression time after hemodialysis. Together with healthcare professionals, patients and partners, we are working on these solutions and are continuously expanding our product portfolio.

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